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Animation & Motion Graphics

I can create sophisticated animations for custom-designed websites using Webflow, and motion graphics for training and promotional videos using Adobe After Effects.

Web Animation

I can create sophisticated animations for fully custom-designed websites using Webflow, today’s state-of-the-art web design, development, and hosting platform. For an example, see the animations on logo above that are triggered by hovering over the navigation links immediately below. This is also an example of animation that, rather than being gratuitous, is added to improve clarity, in this case regarding the relationships between the various services that I offer. (For more information regarding my web design services, click here.)

Motion Graphics

Using still images and/or video footage, I can

  • create sophisticated animated text effects.
  • create sophisticated 3D special effects.
  • composite (combine) movies and images.
  • animate individual layers of Photoshop and Illustrator files.
  • provide and edit a stock music soundtrack.

Three examples, created in Adobe After Effects, are at right.

“Mr. Braman collaborated with the David Yurman marketing team to create two training videos: one for the launch of our eyewear collection and one for the launch of our men’s Classic Timepiece. Both videos were widely distributed to our field sales force, 20 retail stores, and the jewelry departments of top Department and Specialty stores such as Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.
In addition to his technical skill, Mr. Braman was able to quickly understand the creative vision of his client and interpret our brand aesthetic easily into video form. He was a great communicator, explaining all technical processes and fulfilling any requests we had to make the internal approval process easier. Mr. Braman delivered the finished product on time.
It is the intention of David Yurman to continue to work with Mr. Braman as projects arise. He produces a high-quality product at a great value.
I would enthusiastically recommend Mr. Braman as a great partner in creating video projects.”
—Lee Hamilton Tucker,
Senior Vice President of Merchandising,
David Yurman
“Thanks VERY MUCH for the terrific job on the Harmony DVD... You ALWAYS geo the extra mile to make things better than I could expect.”
—Eric Baker
Eric Baker Design
the company of writer, designer and multimedia specialist Chuck Braman
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