Case Study: Conceptualizing My Design Approach To Create A Brand And A Site

Recommended: Click here to open the site in a separate tab for easy reference while following this case study.

The key to successfully developing a business within a crowded market like web design is to focus on a niche. For most this means specializing in creating sites for clients within a single field—for example, limiting your clients to dentists or entertainment lawyers.

I find the thought of designing for a single category of professionals to be boring. I like variety and I like challenges. So I decided instead to build my niche around an aesthetic concept—that of organic design.

An organic approach to aesthetics, whether in music or writing or web design, means letting the concept, idea, or motif determine the form of the final creation, rather than trying to force a concept into a predetermined form. In web design, that means accepting the challenge of starting from a blank slate rather than from a template, as is standard. As a musician, this is how I like to make music, as a graphic designer, this is how I like to design, and as a web designer, this is what separates me from most others in the field.

This concept, quite appropriately, determined everything that followed: the name, the URL, opening animation, the metaphor signified by the icon I created for the logo, and all of the content for the site.