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Video Production

I can professionally handle every phase of video production, from filming to final output.

“I gladly recommend Chuck Braman and his company for any and all audio and video needs. Chuck proved himself to be highly professional and a person who can deliver high quality work.
Zoove’s needs included the audio editing of several radio spots and audio and video development and editing of several television commercials, as well as high volume duplication. We had a tight schedule to test copy in a large consumer study that included major consumer brands; Volvo, CBS, Royal Caribbean and Outback Steakhouse. Chuck delivered all of it on time and flawlessly.
I am happy to endorse Chuck and his company.”
—Rusty Coristine,
Director of Advertising Sales Strategy,
Zoove (now StarStar Mobile)

Video Editing

As a video editor, I can edit and apply transitions to your video footage at points that are both creative and logical.

For an example, watch the Video Editing: Musical Performance clip.

“We recently had Chuck work on a video and audio editing project for a corporate sales event that took place on the West Coast. Chuck was very professional and extremely efficient with his work.
He delivered a high-quality video and audio presentation as the final and completed product. Chuck was extremely dependable and quite prompt. We had several last-minute additions to the presentation and Chuck was always very patient and willing to accommodate whatever our needs were.
I highly recommend his work.”
—Ken Price,
Former Senior Vice President of Sales
Jakks Pacific, Inc.

Music Specialization

I bring several specialized skills to the table when filming and editing musical performances. As a professional musician, I have a creative, esthetic, and logical understanding of where to point the camera while filming, and when to cut and which scenes to cut to during the editing process. In addition, as an audio engineer, I'm able to record, mix, and master studio quality sound.

For examples of my editing, recording and mixing, watch the Video Editing: Musical Performance clip (where you may also recognize me as the drummer!).

“I just wanted to thank you for all your invaluable help this last week, and to say that I am thrilled with the end product. My husband and the others who have so far seen the videos also think they are great.
Also, thank you not just for your technical expertise, but also all your excellent professional opinion as a musician and for being so generous sharing your ideas and suggestions. I'll certainly spread the word about you and hopefully we'll work again soon.”
—Alexandra Frederick,

Video Motion Graphics

Using still images and/or video footage, I can

  • create sophisticated animated text effects.
  • create sophisticated 3D special effects.
  • composite (combine) movies and images.
  • animate individual layers of Photoshop and Illustrator files.
  • provide and edit a stock music soundtrack.

For an example, watch the David Yurman Training Video.

“Mr. Braman collaborated with the David Yurman marketing team to create two training videos: one for the launch of our eyewear collection and one for the launch of our men’s Classic Timepiece. Both videos were widely distributed to our field sales force, 20 retail stores, and the jewelry departments of top Department and Specialty stores such as Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.
In addition to his technical skill, Mr. Braman was able to quickly understand the creative vision of his client and interpret our brand aesthetic easily into video form. He was a great communicator, explaining all technical processes and fulfilling any requests we had to make the internal approval process easier. Mr. Braman delivered the finished product on time.
It is the intention of David Yurman to continue to work with Mr. Braman as projects arise. He produces a high-quality product at a great value.
I would enthusiastically recommend Mr. Braman as a great partner in creating video projects.”
—Lee Hamilton Tucker,
Senior Vice President of Merchandising,
David Yurman

Video Postproduction

Using original or existing footage, I can

  • apply color correction.
  • improve audio quality.
  • add animated lower thirds.

Video Special Effects

Using existing footage, I can

  • combine green-screen interview footage with customized virtual sets while adding convincing effects like virtual shadows and reflections.
  • animate, transform and composite (combine) multiple movies and images.

For an example, watch the  Video Green Screen clip.

the company of writer, designer and multimedia specialist Chuck Braman
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